Happy Teeth

30 Nov

Here we are, Moxie is asleep, Brad is on his way home from the studio, and I am getting in the holiday spirit by drinking hot cocoa and watching one of the best Christmas movies ever – Die Hard.

Moxie has been teething.  It’s really fun.  Ha!  Her first tooth started coming in at the back on the top.  Her second is at the front on the bottom.  I can tell they are starting to bother her.  She has woken up at night a couple times in the past week and she hasn’t done that in months.  And she gets fussy during the day.  Hopefully they will all come in really quickly and she won’t have to go through too much pain.

We had a great Thanksgiving, my mom & pop came over for breakfast then we headed out to Weatherford to have dinner with B’s family.   Good food, good fun.  I made whoopie pies.  They were delicious, I have to say.  🙂


m's thanksgiving dress

Yesterday was nice and cold and the perfect day to decorate the tree and put up all our holiday decorations.  So we did!


santa hat!


the first ornament to go on the tree

tree & moxie

my little love


she likes r2!

She isn’t normally sitting right smack in front of the tv.  She just needed to be out of the way for all the Christmas boxes!

Everyone have a great week & remember it’s only 25 day until Christmas!






One Response to “Happy Teeth”

  1. Loretta December 1, 2009 at 7:53 pm #

    We really enjoyed having you here! ESP Moxie! And the Woopie Pies were yummy! Thanks for bringing them. They were a big hit with the kids! See you at Christmas!

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