big birthday party

13 Dec

This past Friday was Moxie’s 7-month birthday!  I can’t believe she is getting sooooo old!  She has learned so much & she does something new every day.  She is waving bye-bye, she can high five, she turns the pages of books and she can sit up by herself.  For a little bit.  She is just totally amazing.

Yesterday we went to Ike’s first birthday party, we hadn’t met him yet and he certainly did not disappoint!  He is a super little man, we can’t wait to spend more time with him.  Moxie was a champ, she was tired but happy to see everyone and everyone thought she was super cute in her silver boots.  Which she was, of course.

My mom & stepdad came over last night to babysit so Brad & I could have a date, which happened to be going to dinner & then to Super Target to shop.  They came over at 6:30, which we all agreed would be a good time, Moxie would already be asleep (she is ALWAYS asleep by 6:30) and they could watch a movie while she slept and we got out of the house.  Alone.  Welllllll, not so much.  She had a really hard time falling asleep and we didn’t end up leaving the house until almost 8:00.  We went to the new Mexican restaurant at Lake Hefner, Mama Roja’s, and the wait was 45 minutes.  Mmmm, no!  Since we never leave the house after dark anymore 🙂 we had forgotten that people with lives go out for dinner on Saturday nights.  Apparently that includes everyone living in OKC.  So anyway, long story shorter, we ended up back at home with a bottle of wine (called Mad Housewife, natch!) and take out from Okura.  Mom & Phil went home after making fun of us for being home before 9pm on a Saturday night & we watched a movie & ate our sushi.  We decided that we will NOT plan our next date night, that M&P will just surprise us one night & show up around 6:30, Moxie will already be in bed & we can go out!  We will see how that works!  Wish us luck…

Today Moxie got to spend some quality time with her Aunty Tweety but I forgot to take any pictures.  We will have some from next weekend though, we will be going to Tweety & Bill’s for their Christmas party.  We can’t wait!  Let Christmas begin!

moxie & ike meeting for the first time


my tired cub


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