first christmas party & a visit from uncle shane

22 Dec

Some pics from Moxie’s first Christmas Party, which was last Saturday night at Aunt Tweety & Uncle Bill’s house.

first xmas present - pink teddy bear from t & b

she really liked the bag

me & mira

she loved uncle russ

lots of presents

some cute kid 🙂

some sleepy cute kid

We had a really good time, it was kind of late for Moxie to be out, but she was a trooper.  A trooper who screamed the entire way home.  But she went to sleep very quickly when we got her home, which is nice because lately she hasn’t been wanting to go to sleep at night.  Tonight Brad put her to bed and she went to sleep right away, so I’m thinking that will be his job for the rest of the week.  🙂

Brad’s brother Shane came in town from Houston last night & spent the night & most of the day today.  Moxie loved him, they played together all morning.  He & Shelly & Annie are moving to Cairo in a couple weeks so it is really great that they get to be here for Christmas & we get to spend some time with them.  Now I can’t wait to see Shelly & Annie!  I’m so happy that it is finally Christmas, Brad & I were talking last night & we feel like it is really Christmas now, since Shane got here.  Tomorrow is supposed to be cold cold cold & we will possibly have some snow type thing happening in the next couple days.  Bring it on!  Let the holiday begin!


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