Happy New Year!

7 Jan

It has been awhile so I have lots of catching up to do…  Our Christmas shrunk because of all the snow.  It snowed 14 1/2 inches on Christmas Eve.  Basically the whole state shut down.  It was amazingly beautiful and amazingly annoying.  We didn’t let it stop us from enjoying the holiday, it just stopped us from enjoying it with everyone we were supposed to enjoy it with!  However we definitely took pictures.  Here are some for your viewing enjoyment. 🙂

not really from xmas, but really, how cute is she?

xmas eve

rory enjoying the snow on xmas day

xmas eve - shane gets all the girls attention. moxie & rory, that is.

first outfit of xmas day

m's very messy kisses

daddy & sleepy baby

opening presents with grammie & grampie

cousins, identical cousins... well not really 🙂

second xmas outfit

piano! and third xmas outfit.

eventually moxie went to bed, and we drank a few of these... yum!

the rowdy family

more rowdy family

baby & sleepy daddy - we made it!

We really had a great Christmas and are very thankful that Shane & Shelly & Annie could come spend it with us.  And everyone else of course, but everyone else is not living in Egypt now!

I hope everyone had a great holiday, and that you are sticking to your new year’s resolutions, if you made any.  Feel free to discuss!  Maybe next blog will be about my resolutions.  Not tonight though, I have to get to sleep!


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