8 Months Old

19 Jan

Moxie is 8 months old, as of last Monday.  So I’m a little behind on that.  She does something new every day.  Today it was kissing the pictures of the animals in the book “The Very Busy Spider”.  She has been turning the pages in the books we read for awhile but today she was kissing the pictures.  And lately she has not been trying to eat the books, which is good because I heard you aren’t supposed to do that.

She does really good with new foods, the latest foods she has tried are prunes and asparagus.  Not together, ew!  She loves them both.  I was especially surprised about the asparagus, you would think after smelling it she would be all “no way, dude”, but she loves them!  And prunes are hard to clean up off of a teak table.  🙂


And water?  Moxie drinks it like she’ll never see water again.  It is hilarious.  If I filled her cup all the way I am convinced she would drink every bit in one sitting.  Hilarious.  And just plain water.  I have added a little juice to it and she doesn’t like it, which I think is a very good thing.

water water everywhere

I have added a couple links to some websites on the right side of the page ——–>

One is for Romy Owens, an artist and friend who we know and love.  She is an amazing artist and we are lucky to own two of her pieces now.  The other is for our friend Jason Lewis, who does some really cool things.  Maybe not for everyone, but you never know.  I love his art.  Check them out!

I am trying to get a group together for the OKC Memorial Marathon on April 25.  I will be running the marathon.  Just kidding.  A 5K walk is enough for me!  If you would like to join us (us = me so far!) then please feel free to email me.

We (M & I) went to visit the salon last week.  It was kind of weird.  We hadn’t been since she was about 2 months old, and of course nothing has changed.  I do miss everyone a lot but I don’t really miss working.  I feel like I am working now, she (you know who) keeps me so busy.  I have done some hair at home, but I try to keep that to a minimum because things like this happen:

aaaaand do we see something wrong with this picture?

Seriously, color brushes DO NOT belong in coffee mugs.  Grrr…  I ruined my perfectly good cup of coffee!  Duh.

Brad will be home tomorrow night & I am so excited.  I am planning movie & dinner night.  I’m thinking Nashville and chicken & dumplings.  Kind of goes together, right?  🙂

Everyone have a great week and email me if you want to walk the 5K!  Much love!


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