26 Jan

Joan Jones passed away today.  She was an amazing, tiny, red spark plug.  She was like another grandma to me.  She was a very cool lady.  I was lucky that I got to spend a lot of time with her in the past year or so.  Ever since I “retired”, as Brad calls it, I had been taking my big fat pregnant belly to lunch once a week with Mom & Joan.  After Moxie arrived she came too.  We always had a great time lunching & talking girl/woman talk.

Joan used to babysit my sister Chelle and I.  She was one of my very favorite babysitters because she used to make up fun games for us, like the one where she would have us hold jump ropes over our heads & see who could hold it up the longest.  I realize now she was torturing us, but I know we amused her.  🙂  She always had a great house to visit because there was always something there we hadn’t discovered before.  I’m not saying her house was cluttered, I’m just saying she had a lot of stuff!

She was 74 and she died of complications from lung cancer.  And it sucks.


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