15 Feb

Moxie is now 9 months old.  So old.  She learns something new every day.  Just this past week she learned to pull up, started cruising along the couch, learned to pick up tiny things with her thumb & first finger, and I can’t even remember what else.  It is crazy.  She has four teeth and I swear there is another one that will come bursting through any minute.  She is totally amazing and I love her like crazy!

She started Mother’s Day Out two weeks ago.  She goes once a week.  The first day she didn’t really love it, the teachers said she cried, but that she took a nap and liked to watch the other babies play.  This week was much better (teacher’s words), she actually played with the other babies and took a longer nap.   I peeked in when I got there to pick her up and she was playing and it was so cute.  Then she saw me and started crying, like “oh I forgot you left me!”  She’s a little stinker.

on the move

got to keep on movin'

my valentines

wagon ride

woo hoo!


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