Monday Schmunday

1 Mar

Moxie has just gotten over her first (real) cold.  I thought she had one before but she definitely had one this past week.  She had to miss school, which is NOT cool.  That means I missed my 5 free hours I get per week.  She is much better now, probably because she just passed it on to me and now I have to get over it.  Woo fun!  🙂  I feel a very strong urge to shop and I really think that is the only thing that will make me feel better.

Brad was home this weekend but had to be at the studio.  However, he did get home in time for us to watch the USA-Canada hockey finals.  And we got some pretty awesome Moxie videos.  She has started crawling, and it is funny to watch because she is still trying to work it out.  She gets where she wants to go though!  Here she is crawling a (very) short distance.  Please excuse the snotty nose.

And here she is laughing like the little maniac she is.

Oh my goodness I love her so much!


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