The calm before the (vomit) storm

10 Mar

Well so we had a great day on Friday.  We (Brad & I) took Moxie to the doctor & found out that we do not have to do allergy testing – YAYAYAYAYAY!!  Very good news.  Then we went to Pop’s and had lunch, which is always fun, and we went to visit our friend Chris at the music store.  Brad played some very beautiful guitars and Moxie danced.  Went home and had some good quality family time together, which we haven’t had enough of lately.  Then Moxie got the pukes.  Again.  It was just terrible.  Brad & I missed out on a mid-day date on Saturday because we didn’t want to leave her since she was sick.  I took her to the doctor on Monday & she said she was getting better but she didn’t start feeling better until yesterday.  That is exactly what has been going on around here.  Not much of anything, except sicky baby.  And now better baby.  Yay!  Tomorrow we are going to get out of the house.  Hopefully we will have some beautiful weather.  Crossing fingers…

Some pics from Friday



happy girl

And some random other pics

working hard. she'll be starting her own blog soon.

eating breakfast

making sure rory gets enough to eat


One Response to “The calm before the (vomit) storm”

  1. B April 8, 2010 at 7:20 am #

    Why hasn’t Moxie done anything since early March?

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