9 Apr

Moxie and I just got back from Ohio on Tuesday evening.  It was a really great time.  My mom went with us which was a HUGE help and it was good to have a vacation with her, especially since she got to see all her girls’ girls together!  Chelle took a lot of great pictures of Moxie and I can’t wait to see them.  (Hint, hint Chelle!)  Moxie loved her cousins and Hannah loved Moxie.  Maddey loved her too, she just loved her from afar.  Hannah fed Moxie at every meal and helped me out a lot.  It was so so cute.  Moxie loved her uncle Todd too, and gave her aunt Chelle a ton of kisses.  Basically, everyone loved Moxie and Moxie loved everyone.  Hannah & Maddey went Easter egg hunting, and both got some good loot.  Chelle & Hannah & I went to lunch and on a shopping trip, which was great, I wish they all lived closer so we could do that more often.  We got to see Maddey in ballet class, so cute.  Mostly we just hung out and spent time together.  We did not make it to the Columbus Zoo, which I totally regret, we will DEFINITELY make it next time we are there, because I want to meet Jack Hanna, gosh darn it!  Ooh, I did get to try Tim Horton’s coffee, which was wonderful!  I am such a dork.  🙂  I took a few pictures but not a ton, I wish I would have taken more.  Oh well, there is always next time…

ms. crooked glasses on the plane.

hannah maddey moxie

lovin on aunt chelle


runaway barbie girl

hannah & moxie, bff

easter egg hunt

easter egg hunt

hannah making sure moxie gets fed!

hanging out in the lounge on our shopping trip 🙂

a very cool painting & a very cool girl

she'll be walking on her own soon

trying to get moxie's attention during her photo shoot

in her easter dress! so cute!

being a model is hard work

chelle & todd trying to make moxie smile 🙂


nope, she did NOT crawl all the way through!!

a tickle, maddey style

on the way to maddey's ballet class

on the way to the airport to head home


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