home again, home again

17 Apr

Brad is home!  For the entire weekend!  Yipee!  He got home yesterday afternoon and my mom & pop watched moxie while he and I went and looked at cars and picked up dinner.  I found a car I liked, but more on that later.

Today was Noah’s first birthday party.  His actual birthday is not until Tuesday.  He & Moxie were due 5 days apart but ended up 3 weeks apart, he decided to be early and she decided to be late.  He was so cute, he totally demolished his cake.

These two children will not smile together!!

Moxie has been a nonstop mover.  She is crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything.  She is crazy!  She likes to help out in the kitchen…

And here she is just being cute in her room, roaming around.

and she's outta there

It is becoming increasingly hard to get a picture of her face.  She is always crawling away from me, but then she’ll turn around and look at me like “are you coming?”.   She did decide to come back –

This blog was kind of all over the place but I just had some pictures I wanted to share!  Tomorrow we are doing nothing, just hanging around and I can’t wait.


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