Busy little bees

18 Aug

I am writing this blog from my new iPhone. I love this phone and I think everyone should have one. It is like having my MacBook with me everywhere I go. Except not as easy to type on.
We have been pretty busy lately, running running running. Moxie has decided that she now likes Gymboree, so we have been doing that and she loves it. She likes to climb things and dance, and Gymboree is the perfect place for both of those! We have been having some problems with Moxie sleeping at night, in that she doesn’t want to. She wakes up in the middle of the night and when I try to put her back to bed she screams and cries. She has cried so much that she has thrown up. It is horrible. Way worse than the “cry it out” method we did when she was younger. The only way she will calm down is if I put her in bed with us. This is no good because she pinches in her sleep! But really, I don’t want her thinking she can get away with that. I would welcome any thoughts on how to get through this rough time. Now, on a lighter note, here are some pictures. Taken with my new phone, of course.


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