Tea Party!

21 Aug

Moxie, her Grammie, and I went to a tea party today at my brother’s mother’s house.  Figure that one out…  My lovely niece A was visiting and it was so fun to see her!!!  We had a great time, of course.  Brad stayed home and power washed the house.  I think he had fun too.

Ooh, guess what?  Moxie has slept through the last two nights!  Yipee!  (I had better not by jinxing myself by mentioning this).  AND, yesterday, she took a three hour nap.  This almost never happens and it was great!  Except I kept wondering if she was ok.  She was.

I heard back about the dog, the people are in Wichita, I don’t know if I mentioned that before, but the woman told me they don’t do a lot of out-of-state adoptions since the foster parents have to do a home visit.  She said that they would call our veterinarian early next week and then get back to us.  Fingers crossed…

Here are some pics from the fabulous tea party.

ready to go!

hey that's me! and rory!

ladies in hats

moxie & A

moxie, A, and new friend T

A & J

there she goes...

she climbed these stairs ALL AFTERNOON


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