Yes, that is my friend in the chipper.

8 Sep

We had three pine trees.  They had most likely been there since the house was built.  They were huge, especially the two in the front yard.  I loved them because they reminded me of Maine, they shaded our house, and they smelled good.  However, there is a pine tree blight going around and now we have no pine trees!  Just a lone elm in the back yard.  We now need to do some serious landscaping.  Yuck.  Not that I don’t like landscaping, I just don’t like what it costs.  Here are some pictures of the trees, before, and no trees, after.

front yard, before. obviously the trees needed to go. 😦

back yard, before.

goodbye, poor tree

the chipper. it was loud. and messy.

how sad is that? pitiful!


front yard, after.

back, after

It was a very interesting process.  It took them two days and when they left it looked like three graves in the places where the trees had been.  Pretty depressing.  The guys did a great job and were really nice, so if anyone needs some trees removed, just tell me.

We had a nice labor day weekend, actually it wasn’t great, but that is another story for later!


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