The Elephants Are Back.

9 Mar

Yesterday we had a big big day.  We went to lunch with some loverly ladies who I do not get to see enough of.

kay, mah, boo, momma & moxie

The we went home and Moxie had a super nap and me Mum came over and we went to the zoo to see the elephants, who are finally back from their romantic endeavors in Tulsa.  Moxie had her first Krispy Kreme at the zoo, not the entire donut, just a bite!  (A big bite).  She liked it.  Duh.  We saw the elephants and their new (awesome) habitat, and peeked in on the lions as well.  Mammy bought Moxie some new friends and she had a lollipop too.  It was a pretty quick trip because it was chilly outside & getting a little late. Then we headed on over to Hideaway for pizza, where Moxie said “za, za, za!” the entire time.  Loves it.












Another video for your viewing pleasure.

Have a great day. xoxo


One Response to “The Elephants Are Back.”

  1. chelle March 11, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

    stop saying mum dork.

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