Mission Accomplished.

20 Jan

On January 4th, Moxie’s Jen visited.  I call her “Moxie’s Jen” because Moxie always says “Where’s my Jen?”  Little does she know that Jen is MY Jen.  She’ll learn. In time.

Anyway, Jen decided to teach this to Moxie.

And Moxie took the challenge.

Jen said she would teach Moxie by the end of the year to hold a spoon on her nose.  I said “Pish posh! She’ll do it before then!” (Not actually what I said).  And she tried, every time she came near a spoon, it landed on her nose, just to fall off.  Until today.

Success!  I’m so proud.  And that’s my mom there with Moxie.  She was surrounded by love on her big day.


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