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How To Cook Chicken Legs.

13 Mar

Hello there! This is a special post for my sweet little sister Chelle. She was asking me all about chicken legs and how to cook them, so here goes!
First! I’m going to grill them so I put a little olive oil & garam masala seasoning on them. You can use any spice, darling.

Next! Stick those babies on the grill!

Grill ’em on that side for 5-10 minutes. Whatever feels right. (I’m a very “feeling” cook. I don’t really time things very well). And then! Flip ’em!

Same thing. 5-10 minutes. Check to see if they’re done. You know, no pink meat. Ew. Take them off the grill! Very important! Done!

Serve with some freaking delicious gnocchi with squash and kale that you made while you were doing all that other stuff.

Happy family! Eat and enjoy!